A new talent is ready to join the fray: Kekko_zero9 is officially a green-and-black player!

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A new talent is ready to join the fray: Kekko_zero9 is officially a green-and-black player!r

Francesco Kekko_zero9 Ferrarese was born in Siracusa on the 16th of July 2009. At just 13 years of age he is already one of the hottest names of the FIFA scene thanks to his showings with Napoli Esports. His next goal? Dominating the FIFA scene of tomorrow!


Francesco will join Reply Totem, growing his gaming skills together with those of real football: the little prodigy does in fact live for sports and gaming at 360 degrees, practising on the pitch the skills he gets to show in FIFA matches.


Despite not being competitive-legal at his age, he already got a name for himself thanks to a 7th place in the World Ranking and a third place European finish at the FGS3 qualifications; astounding results for a player this young. The newly acquired talent will be welcomed with open arms in an organisation that puts the growth of prodigies at its core; he’ll be able to follow a path alongside some of the best players in the country such as Peppe_Ferraro, young and talented star who just got his first year of experience as part of the Reply Totem FIFA roster.


Fabio Cucciari, CEO and Co-founder at Reply Totem, recently declared: “Francesco is the most promising young talent we currently have in Italy. At just 13 years of age he was able to show up and distinguish himself by beating some of the best players around the globe. To us, investing in young prodigies is one of the key points that will lead to an organic development of both the Italian and our team’s talent pool. We can’t wait to start working with him, seeing his progress as he gets to interact with our experienced players and coaching staff. This is a great chance to show off his qualities in the Italian scene and reinforce the idea that growing in such competitive environments can co-exist with academic success.
A big thanks goes to Napoli Esports, an amazing org with which we continue to have a wonderful business relationshi.”

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