BBlade aces the World Series of Warzone RQ #1

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BBlade aces the World Series of Warzone RQ #1r

Nicolò “BBlade” Maggi, one of the newest additions to Totem, is an absolute superstar of Call of Duty: Warzone. After an astounding 2022, where he proved to be the best in both the Trio and Solo categories (winning over $100,000 ed.), Nicolò is now running to repeat his success and make his way into the 2023 edition of the World Series of Warzone.


The 2023 edition will be characterized by a substantial prize pool increase, reaching an incredible total of $ 600,000. The finals of the tournament, both Trio and SoloYolo category, will be played live on LAN, ensuring both greater mediatic exposure of the event and a top notch organization level.


BBlade began his WSOW adventure at the EU Regional Finals, entering as one of 25 special guests invited by Activision Blizzard. Despite being the initial phase of the circuit, the first regional qualifier presented itself as a standalone top-level tournament: $150,000 in prize money to collect for the most prominent names in the European Warzone scene. The 25 invited teams then competed together with the 25 qualified teams from a previous stage (in which BBlade did not have to take part ed.), battling it out over a selection of 6 maps in a private lobby. BBlade, together with his loyal friends Wartex and Savyultras90 managed to conquer the 21st position out of 50, thus guaranteeing direct access to the subsequent regional finals in July. A very important result, which allows Nicolò and his team to bypass the qualifiers in which the 25th-50th positions will have to participate. Regional finals #2 will also feature the same prize pool ($150,000) and a chance for the Top 15 to make it to the Trio and Solo Mode World Finals.


Fabio Cucciari, CEO and Co-founder of Reply Totem, declared: “After the very recent success of Brawl Stars in Tokyo, we are once again creating buzz in the international Warzone scene, serving as proof of the heterogeneity of our esports project. Today BBlade brought home the first success of the year for COD: Warzone, qualifying for the second stage of the World Series Regional Finals. Much like with other game titles, we will be one of the few teams to proudly carry the Italian flag internationally, which continues to be a sign of the amazing work we’re doing. It would be fantastic if Nicolò could be able to replicate last year’s results and we will be here to support him and help him in every decision he makes. A special thanks goes to ASUS for providing BBlade with a latest generation PC, capable of answering every need and maximizing its in-game performance for any type of event.

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