Being part of the greatest: Joker gets nominated for Esports Mobile Player of the Year

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Being part of the greatest: Joker gets nominated for Esports Mobile Player of the Yearr

After just over a year with the Totem jersey, Erik “IDarkJoker” Bravo Granström aims to be crowned the best mobile player in the world at the Esports Awards.


The Esports Awards are an awards ceremony held annually live, with Las Vegas chosen as city for the 2023 edition; considered to be the “Oscars” of the competitive gaming industry, the nominations are split into categories, ranging from awards such as “best caster” and “best journalist” to the teams and players prizes.


Joker, star of the Brawl Stars roster from Reply Totem, is still only 17 years old and in just over a year of competitive scene he was capable of reaching the top: a nomination to “rookie of the year 2022”, numerous victories at the monthly finals of the Brawl Stars Championship (the premiere event for the European region) and the champion title at both European editions of the ESL Snapdragon Pro Series as well as at the world finals (held in Japan ed.) of that same circuit; effectively becoming the youngest player to have ever achieved such goals and the only one together with his teammates.


The ceremony will be held live on November 30th in Las Vegas, Nevada. Joker will compete for the title with 6 other prodigies from the mobile world, bringing with him the pride of being both the youngest in the category as well as the first player from an Italian team to be nominated at the Esports Awards. Fans from all over the world will be decisive in the final decision: there is in fact the possibility to vote every 24 hours at the following website


Fabio Cucciari, CEO of Reply Totem, declared: “The Esports Awards are the pinnacle of our sector; being the first Italian esports organization to bring a player to receive such a nomination is a unique feat. It fills us with pride and awareness of the direction of our work, a type of commitment aimed at global success rather than just national excellence. Special thanks must certainly be given to Joker, who has stood out as an absolute superstar since his first day with the Totem jersey: this is undoubtedly his achievement and it would be fantastic to be able to see him triumph on that stage. Likewise, I would like to spend a few words for his teammates Maury and Maru, two guys capable of surprising growth and protagonists together with Joker for the team’s success. I truly hope for them to be equally recognized at the upcoming Italian Esports Awards”

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