See you soon Milan!

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See you soon Milan!r

It is not easy to summarize in a few characters the emotions experienced during the first Reply Totem Esports Bootcamp. Seeing our pro players prepare for the Apex Global Series Championship and our content creators indulging in a flood of engaging and fun content has paid off for the hard, but inevitable, behind-the-scenes work.


None of this would have been possible without Reply, which has decided to focus heavily on Esports as an integral part of a wider range of initiatives aimed at supporting young technology enthusiasts.


Thanks also go to ASUS, Sparco, Statespace, SECO spa, Kaspersky Italia and NEXT HARDWARE & SOFTWARE SPA, precious partners who accompanied us on all five days of our Bootcamp.


We go home with a hint of melancholy for the good times we spent together, but with even more strength and determination to help #Esports grow in Italy.





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