BRAWL STARS 2023: Reply Totem is ready to start with a bang!

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BRAWL STARS 2023: Reply Totem is ready to start with a bang!r

With the start of 2023 Reply Totem is preparing to begin its new cycle for the Supercell game title.


After the 2022 trophies, the black-and-green team is preparing to unveil a secret weapon to succeed on the biggest international stages. Joker, Maury and Maru, coming from 2 victories in the monthly finals, 2 victories in the Snapdragon circuit and a TOP 8 at the World Cup, are ready to enter 2023 as the faces of Totem with a new guide in coach Role, also returning from an experience at the World Finals.
Role will be leading the team together with Oscar, who returns in the role of analyst and who will assist the boys in a new competitive year where the main goals are both confirming their “Kings of Europe” status as well as the conquest of the global scene. The first major event on the horizon is the Snapdragon Circuit World Final in Japan, a tournament where the best teams from each region will be battling it out for what is effectively the second most important trophy after the Supercell World Finals.



Federico Morchio, co-founder of Reply Totem, declared: “2023 immediately starts with a big change for us; Inso (former coach ed.) has been a friend and key member of the team over the past two years and we wish him the best for the future. We have followed and believed in Brawl Stars as an esport since our beginnings and welcoming Role in his new role as Reply Totem coach will allow us to challenge ourselves for a true competitive “level up”.
Joker, Maury and Maru are extremely motivated and excited for the future and they can’t wait to compete in Tokyo for the international Snapdragon title. There are many expectations and we are sure that you won’t regret following us!”

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