Brawlers, assemble! Reply Totem announces the team for the 2024 season.

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Brawlers, assemble! Reply Totem announces the team for the 2024 season.r

After a 2023 season filled with successes that made history for the black-and-green team, Reply Totem is ready to kick off the new year with significant changes to its Brawl Stars roster.


The departure of Erik “IDarkJoker” Bravo Granström has certainly marked a change at Totem. The German player was a key figure in the last two outstanding seasons, securing victories in 2 Snapdragon Europe tournaments, reaching 3 monthly finals, clinching the Snapdragon world title in Tokyo, and earning two prestigious Top 8 finishes at the Supercell World Finals. In search for a new direction, our scouts set their eyes on various European talents capable of taking the team to the next level in the upcoming season. Ruben “iKaoss” Expósito has proven to be the best choice: a Spanish player born in 2002, Ruben is one of the most famous and high-performing veterans in the scene, leaving his mark in teams like QLASH and SK Gaming. Meanwhile, Maury and Maru, accompanied by Role, will continue their journey together, finding a new teammate with whom they will face the next challenges in search of the next victory.


Fabio Cucciari, CEO of Reply Totem, commented: “The new year has brought a breath of change to Totem, and in a prominent team, changes should always aim to improve the previous situation. iKaoss is one of the strongest and most experienced players in the scene; I am confident he will help us take a step forward towards a different competitive maturity. As for Maury and Maru, they will remain with us, demonstrating cohesion that is difficult to emulate in the scene. For them, it will be the fourth consecutive season together, a true symbol of what values represent for us in Reply Totem. I can only hope that 2024 brings even more success than the past year, solidifying the black-and-green flag at the center of the world.”


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