Conquering the Land of the Rising Sun: Reply Totem is ready for the Snapdragon Mobile Masters

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Conquering the Land of the Rising Sun: Reply Totem is ready for the Snapdragon Mobile Mastersr

The time has finally come for the final chapter of the Snapdragon Mobile Series, the boys from the Reply Totem team will be finding the world of Brawl Stars’ elite waiting for them in Japan.


Chiba, Japan, 40 km east of Tokyo. On the May 13th-14th weekend, Dreamhack (one of the biggest esport events in the world ed.) will fly for the first time to Japan, in order to host the final of the ESL Official Brawl Stars tour.
In 2022 the team starring Joker, Maury and Maru had been the absolute protagonist of the European editions of the competition: a few months after Joker’s introduction, the team had in fact managed to triumph at the August final of the Snapdragon Pro Series Season 1 ( held at the Gamescom in Cologne ed.), just to double it up in December with the triumph at the Valencia Dreamhack. A story of success, that of Reply Totem within the ESL competition, now looking for a treble in Japan at what could be considered the mid-year World Finals.

The tournament will host 8 different teams, each capable of qualifying by dominating their regional circuit. The prize pool amounts to an incredible $ 200,000 and with it comes the prestige of an international premiere event. All in all, a great chance for the Coach Role’s team to increase their experience in such high-caliber tournaments, acquiring a very much desired awareness of how strong they can be against the best opponents in the world. The team will officially leave on May 5, giving themselves 8 days to settle in Japan both in terms of time zone comfort and training against the other attending teams.


In their Japanese trip Reply Totem will be featuring Grabyz, a cosmetics brand based in Milan that specialises in the care and development of products aimed at all players, from casual to professional level. The focus and goal of these products is to improve gaming performance, impacting often overlooked and underestimated aspects such as the sensory comfort of the hands. The brand aims to seriously introduce performance cosmetics into the world of Esports, allowing players from all over the world to improve their performance thanks to professional and highly sustainable products. The boys will be provided with the GPL Cream, a cream that improves the device grip by eliminating perspiration. Grabyz will also always be present in every moment of the team, being the official sponsor of the competitive jersey.


Fabio Cucciari, CEO and co-founder of Reply Totem, said: “The time has finally come to face an international stage like that of the Snapdragon Mobile Masters. Being able to participate in this event is synonymous with well-deserved and hard-fought successes, which will certainly be honored by the performance of our boys and our first-rate coaching staff. One of the problems of the Brawl Stars competitive scene was certainly the possibility of confronting overseas teams only during the end of the year World Finals, perhaps rewarding irregular short-lived moments of form a bit too much; with this circuit, ESL has instead given the opportunity to the top teams from each region to have a taste of what’s to come, rewarding both adaptability and the ability to bring constant results.”

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