Esports Awards 2023: Reply Totem will take part in the most important awards ceremony of the year!

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Esports Awards 2023: Reply Totem will take part in the most important awards ceremony of the year!r

With just a few weeks left until the Italian Esports awards, Reply Totem is preparing for the most important annual event in the industry.


The Italian Oscar awards equivalent for competitive video games are ready to come back: Milan Games Week will be the stage for the 2023 edition of the Italian Esports Awards by IIDEA and after a 2022 marked by success, Reply Totem can’t wait to repeat themselves.


Best Italian Organization, the title nomination and related award won by the black-and-green team during 2022 at the RoundOne Ceremony; this year, however, the ambitions are even greater and the nominations have accordingly increased in number, with “Best Italian Commercial Activation” and “Best Italian player” added to the list together with the recurring “Best Italian competitive team”.


In recent years, Reply Totem has been able to earn growing respect from the industry and in 2023 it has really hit the gas to reach the top when it comes to Esports in Italy. From the Brawl Stars World Cup in Tokyo to the fantastic results obtained on both COD: Warzone and FIFA, going through important commercial and educational collaborations with brands such as ASUS ROG, Sony, 24 Ore Business School and AWE SPORT.


A special mention goes to Maru, one of our three Brawl Stars players, capable of standing out as one of the two strongest Italian players in the Supercell title (together with his teammate Maury ed.) and consequently deserving of the most important nomination for Esport athletes in Italy. Maru has been able to complete a remarkable growth path in these two years, improving both on personal skills and as a team player, culminating in the victory of two European Championships and the ESL Snapdragon World Championship in Tokyo.


The date is therefore set for November 24th at the Milan Games Week, which will hopefully turn out to be a stage for multiple successes.


Fabio Cucciari, CEO of Reply Totem, declared: “Last year we were consolidated as a top tier Esport Org, winning the coveted Best Italian Organization award; this year the goal is not only that of achieving a double, but to extend our prestige to awards such as “Best Italian Commercial Activation” thanks to the work carried out together with Sony in Japan, which would honor our versatility regarding the approach towards this fantastic industry. It is also important to mention the nomination of our Maru, a boy who has been with us since our birth and who deserves the award more than anyone else for the fantastic results achieved.”


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