From Milan to Paris: a Reply Totem experience!

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From Milan to Paris: a Reply Totem experience!r

A weekend full of events and excitement for Reply Totem, where 3 days of pure Esports experience were awaiting them.


Four were the main “attractions” of this thrilling 25th to 27th November: The Brawl Stars World Finals at Disneyland Paris, the qualification for the FIFA23 e-Champions League and the 2022 edition of the Milan Games Week, during which the Rocket League line-up had the honor to play the final of the IRC, the Italian championship for the Psyonix game title. The Reply Totem stand at MGW22 therefore turned into a real meeting point for all the fans, who got the opportunity to support their idols together with the black-and-green staff, following the team on every possible competitive front and live cheering with the Totem Family.


The Brawl Stars boys, who started their early competitive weekend on Friday, were able to start everything off with a 3-0 victory over Vatra Gaming (NA&LATAM team ed.) valid for qualifying for the Top 8 on Sunday. Their path was unfortunately then interrupted right in the quarter-finals, in a heart-pounding match against the Japanese team Zeta 1, 2021 world champions and vice-champions of this edition. Despite the bitter loss, the gameplay quality demonstrated by Coach Inso and his boys was of the highest level, thus promising a return in style at the December Snapdragon Mobile Challenge Finals – Season 2, which together with the August edition will be valid for qualification to the Masters, the international phase of the circuit.


As far as FIFA is concerned, the trio made up of Santill1, Peppe and Flokox were able to put on a show, closing day 1 of the event as the only team capable of fully qualifying for day 2. Flokox’s incredible start is noteworthy (5 victories and 0 defeats) and Peppe proved his tenacity by recovering from an initial defeat and reaching the qualification on the second day. Switching from a “swiss format” to a double elimination bracket, Santill1 and Peppe managed to complete the job, qualifying for the e-Champions League thanks to crucial victories against opponents such as Fabio Ravi and Yuval. On the other hand, the unfortunate match with Oliboli7 was decisive for Flokox, stopping just one step away from qualifying.


The great protagonist of the weekend was the Rocket League team, which completely rocked the MGW stage on Sunday with a dizzying performance. During the live finals of the Italian Rocket Championship Reply Totem faced both Cagliari Esport and Webidoo Gaming in a double elimination phase, winning the two matches and gaining access to the Grand Final. The Grand Final, played again against a resurging Webidoo, was able to surprise the fans and visitors of the event, who got the chance to watch a hard-fought best-of-7 match in which the black-green team was able to win out with a 4-2 score, thus winning the event without ever being defeated during the elimination stages.


A passionate weekend, that demonstrated the many facets of what the Esports world can mean: great emotions, a sense of togetherness and family, competitiveness and the desire to make a change for the future in Italy. Fabio Cucciari, co-founder and CEO of Reply Totem, got the opportunity to talk about this amazing weekend: “This Milan Games Week was the consecration for us as a team; we come from the recent award for Best Esport Organization in Italy and we did not want to disappoint expectations. Having so many important events, all at the same time, reminds me and serves as confirmation that we are always heading towards the right path and I am proud of everyone and the work they do. I’m sure both our Brawl Stars prodigies and Flokox will have some regrets because I know how much they ask for themselves, they will recover and be ready to do even better. Santill1 and Peppe were also fantastic, they knew how to hold on until the end, and together with them the Rocket League team, national champions of a title that fully represents our Italian essence. A huge thanks also goes to all the staff members who were able to juggle on several fronts in such a busy weekend; to Reply, Isostad and Asus ROG who made a phenomenal MGW possible, and above all to our fans who allow us to continue with their warm support. Thank you all!”

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