Get your calendars ready, the Ferre Cup is coming!

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Get your calendars ready, the Ferre Cup is coming!r

Reply Totem and Ferre are pleased to announce an exciting Brawl Stars tournament in collaboration with Supercell.


11th and 12th of November, these are the two days set for the Ferre Cup weekend, an event that aims to involve numerous Supercell content creators to combine competition and entertainment. Twelve are the participants and we will be able to witness important names among them, adding prestige and recognition to a tournament that aims to be yet another successful collaboration between Reply Totem and Supercell.


Despite bringing together the community and offering an excellent content creation product are important characteristics of the Ferre Cup, the real goal is that of using this opportunity to raise awareness among users about mental health among gamers and all digital workers. Thanks also to the support of Supercell, the entire prize pool of €3,000 and all the donations received by Ferre during the livestream will be donated to the Healthy Gamer Foundation charity, marking the anniversary of the World Kindness Day (November 13 ed.) to support an important and often underestimated cause, especially in our country. Together with Supercell Reply Totem was able to highlight the importance of increasing positive and uplifting feedback in online environments, often afflicted by a vicious cycle of negativity.


Fabio Cucciari, CEO of Reply Totem, commented: “The Ferre Cup is a fantastic initiative which has a foundation in some of the most important aspects of this sector. As we have already been able to observe in countries like France where Esport is more developed, being able to organize well-structured community events is one of the keys to the success and growth of the industry. Ferre is a perfect host, the face and Italian voice of Brawl Stars, never over the top and always professional; I am sure that he will do an excellent job for this event which will be supported by Supercell to address an important issue such as digital natives’ mental health. Being a trusted partner of Supercell for what concerns the organization of events is one of our greatest prides, Reply Totem was born with mobile gaming and it will be an immense honor to be able to work with them to serve our community.”

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