What a start... Cikos is the new Champion of Red Bull the Brawl - 3rd edition

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What a start... Cikos is the new Champion of Red Bull the Brawl - 3rd editionr

Exciting victory for Simone “Cikos” Pareschi, who in his debut as a Reply Totem member immediately conquers the third edition of the “Red Bull The Brawl” tournament!


An amazing start for the newly arrived from our Card Games area, that managed to qualify to the Master Tour Silvermoon in August after an exhausting run that ended with a tiebreaker.


Cheerful words coming from the newly crowned Champion about his victory and tournament run: “The The Brawl format where you play three simultaneous games is extremely fun to play; even though it may look complex to handle so many matches at the same time, you don’t really need much time to get used to it.”. He then followed-up saying: “In general, I’m happy about how i played, I obviously could have done better and maybe win a couple more matches, but it went fine considering the format”.


A sense of satisfaction was also spread out by the area manager Piero “Budilicious” Lombardi: “I’m really happy about such a debut performance from Cikos and Gregoriusil as new Hearthstone members of the team, I’m sure that this is just the beginning of their successes as Reply Totem players!”.


Budilicious then reminded that the next super important event is near: Master Tour Dalaran, taking place this week-end.
Big expectations await the new Hearthstone roster, let’s do our best together!

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