Les Gars are back: the Challenger League continues from the bootcamp!

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Les Gars are back: the Challenger League continues from the bootcamp!r

Mowwwgli and the boys will be training at the Strasbourg’s Alsace Arena from the 31st of October until the 6th of November. The goal? Satisfying their hunger for victory and keep the dream alive!


The R6 team from Reply Totem keeps making huge steps forward, after their last impressive victory against Mkers (2-0) in the Challenger League they are now on their way for the next two big events: the Upper Bracket semifinal against MnM and the PG Nationals’ playoffs.


Consistency, effort and chemistry are key to the team’s success, the type of skills that will be increasingly sharpened thanks to the chance of working together live at the bootcamp. Following this path, the “bootcamp” campaign of the org continues, aiming to improve on these factors, investing on the possibility to enhance the players’ experience and facilitate their lives before important events through appropriate logistic support.


“Make hay while the sun shines” as some would say, is the slogan that currently best represents the French “miracle boys”, a Cinderella story that started few months ago at the bottom of standings and that led them to today’s relevance on the European field.


The team’s manager Andrea “Omega” Carducci declared: “We are really enthusiastic about the continuous grow of our players; the hard work and the addition of new players into the team have allowed us to reach important goals like this last victory against Mkers, who I want to congratulate again for the tense match. We hope that this bootcamp will help the players in keeping up with the level they showed and with preparation for the next matches”


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