Never change a winning team: ASUS ROG and Reply Totem extend their collaboration for the 2023-2024 season

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Never change a winning team: ASUS ROG and Reply Totem extend their collaboration for the 2023-2024 seasonr

Never change a winning team: ASUS ROG and Reply Totem extend their collaboration for the 2023-2024 season.


One year after the partnership announcement, Reply Totem and ASUS ROG are ready to double down, renewing their collaboration for the 2023/2024 season.


12 months of success, which saw the black-and-green team and ASUS make a joint effort to elevate the Italian Esports scene. The partnership took form through different initiatives. Totem was able to finalize their new Gaming House with last generation PCs, monitors and gaming peripherals by ASUS ROG, ensuring top performance at the preparation bootcamps. Much like the Headquarters, our creators were also able to benefit in the same way from the partnership, receiving peak performing products such as ROG headsets, keyboards and mice that support them in their training, allowing them to express themselves at their best in official competitions.


Collaborating on new products launches is also a prominent part of the partnership. The release of the Rog Phone 7 Ultimate proved to be an absolute success: the Totem creators specialized in the mobile sector were able to support and amplify the social impact on Gen Z, directly supporting a product aimed specifically at influencer communities such as Sparx and Ferre’s. ASUS has also assisted the black-and-green team in multiple events and competitive LANs, from the tech festival Reply Xchange to the MGW2022, as well as reaching important international stages thanks to the victories at both the European and World Championship for the ESL Brawl Stars Circuit. Expanding on the MGW, ASUS ROG and Reply Totem are ready to replicate the amazing atmosphere for the 2023 edition thanks to an even larger exhibition area that aims to offer a richer, more immersive and community-connected experience.


Overall, ASUS ROG was able to augment the Reply Totem experience across the entire hardware department, in particular in terms of PC performance with the support of “Powered by ASUS” builds, tailor-made according to the needs of individual talents while still guaranteeing the best ASUS components. This is what occurred for influencers like Sparx, which through the partnership was able to make the next step in content creator job, combining the power of a full ASUS PC and TUF Gaming components together with its trusted mobile devices. The same type of collaboration was replicated with the latest generation super PC provided to Nicolò “BBlade” Maggi, a well-known face on the international and national COD: Warzone scene. The ASUS ROG PC did in fact support him on his seasonal journey towards the London World Cup, providing him with all the power and performance necessary both during training and during the European qualifications.


“The collaboration with Reply Totem is one of the most direct evidence of our commitment as ASUS Republic of Gamers in the constant pursuit of excellence in both the Esports scene as well as on the general gaming front. Our mission is that of consistently aiming to produce out-of-the-ordinary experiences for players and enthusiasts from all over the world” commented Teodoro Di Pede, Marketing Manager of ASUS Italia for the Open Platform division. “Guided by constant innovation, ours is in fact a perpetual commitment that crosses all gaming platforms, from notebooks to smartphones, from individual components to desktop PCs and handheld PCs, up to individual peripherals, a key factor in gaming performance, with the sole objective of offering the most appropriate tools to excel throughout competitions. Thanks to this partnership, we therefore reconfirm our presence in the Italian Esport scene, teaming up with a team of absolute excellence, aiming to achieve new successes and increasingly ambitious goals.


Fabio Cucciari, CEO and Co-Founder of Reply Totem declared: “For us at Reply Totem, 2022/2023 was a very important season which featured us in various titles worldwide and that saw the birth of our new Gaming House. We walked this path together with ASUS ROG, which at first believed in us as a young company with high potential while now it’s able to confirm its commitment with an established team. For us, renewing with an international partner like ROG is a source of pride, motivating us to work harder and harder to achieve perfection.”

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