Reply Totem and 24ORE Business School: Esport meets education

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Reply Totem and 24ORE Business School: Esport meets educationr

Last week it came to closure the journey that involved both us and 24ORE Business School for a special esports-teaching collaboration. Two modules and just as many classes, one from the Milan office, while the other hosted in Rome, allowing the students of the Sports Business Management Master course to meet our sector experts and interface with a 360 degrees esports experience. Together with the Milan-based students we faced a project work that lasted 3 months. During this time the students had the opportunity to focus deeply on various aspects of competitive gaming and the industry that revolves around it, simulating the search for a new sponsor and developing a media day to promote it as an end-of-course project. In the Rome office, on the other hand, our Head Manager Luca Bertelli held 3 days of full immersion in the “Esport” module of the “Sport Business Management” Master, with a particular focus on the managerial and marketing aspect of the esport sector.
The close partnership between Reply Totem and 24ORE Business School has as its goal the expansion of knowledge towards a constantly evolving and expanding sector.


The ability to have an academically trained figure as well as mantaining a clear goal is vital for the continuity of the rise of esports and just as important is being able to create an important link with the academic world that will be able to surround them. The effort that Reply Totem puts towards education can also be seen through these initiatives, which are useful for the growth of students as well as for the knowledge about the competitive gaming industry.


Luca Bertelli, project representative, commented on the experience as follows: “I am very happy with this collaboration relationship, the esport ecosystem in Italy has a strong need for professionals and the fact that a renowned company such as 24ORE Business School was happy to dedicate a space to Reply Totem and to esports in general, is certainly a step in the right direction for our sector. Our task is not only to train, but also to inform professional figures who are about to enter the world of work for the first time.

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