Reply Totem at ReplyXchange 2024

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Reply Totem at ReplyXchange 2024r

Reply Totem makes a return to the 2024 edition of Reply Xchange, the annual event that brings together IT professionals, creatives, and technology enthusiasts.


Spanning two days, May 15-16, Reply Xchange played host to the Reply Totem team, who this year brought the thrill of gaming to the fairground with a dedicated stand aimed at introducing the gaming department to the broader Reply community. The stand featured two gaming stations, one for EA Sports FC and another for Rocket League, titles that resonated particularly well with Reply’s young workforce. Carburatore and Gladiator, ambassadors of their respective titles, were on hand to engage with visitors, offering challenges, insights, and most importantly, sharing the common values of inclusion and community. On the community front, Ferre and Federicas, two pillars of the team’s diversity engagement and social media presence, were also part of the initiative.


Venturing beyond the realm of gaming, Reply Totem embarked on a new collaboration with Spike Reply, a division dedicated to pioneering anti-cheating and anti-fraud solutions in the cybersecurity landscape. Spike Reply also had its own stand at the event. Aside from being a topic of great interest in both the gameplay and internal transactions aspects of the gaming world, Spike Reply underscored the critical importance of maintaining the integrity of esports competitions, a cornerstone for Reply Totem.


Fabio Cucciari, CEO and co-founder of Reply Totem, remarked, “This marked our third year at Reply’s annual gathering, Reply Xchange. The event provides a platform for interaction and exchange among Reply’s diverse facets and individuals, each offering unique and valuable perspectives. This year, in collaboration with Filippo Rizzante, we set up our own stand at the fair to showcase and engage Replyers in the world of black-and-green esports and gaming. Our heartfelt gratitude extends to the entire organizing team and especially to Filippo Rizzante for their exceptional hospitality, making us feel truly at home with our dedicated stand, a testament to our significance at the fair.”

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