Reply Totem conquer the second place at the Rainbow Six PG Nationals

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Reply Totem conquer the second place at the Rainbow Six PG Nationalsr

An exceptional growth allows the green-and-black roster to improve like never before, bringing them to the top of the country with a true miracle run.


At the beginning of the year, Reply Totem starts its adventure in the world of R6 with a clear objective in mind: earning the qualification to the PG NATS spring split without having to buy out an already existing slot. The bet proves to be immediately successful and the players together with their dedicated staff top the qualifier, granting them the access to the best italian tournament.


Although the roster was showing to be promising, struggles are knocking at the door: the split starts in a disastrous way, with every loss bringing the team closer and closer to the relegation zone. A change was needed fast, and the mid-split transfer market comes in clutch; the inclusion of Neyox revolutionizes the team for the better, giving players a previously-lacking confidence and synergy.


The successes of the second half of summer split soon become a real hot streak, allowing the team to reach a final third place in the regular season despite the gloomy start. This reverse sweep gives the team the opportunity to reach the playoffs semifinals, earning them a bronze medal in the split standings.


The true challenge comes with the yearly finals, an event restricted only to the top 6 teams from winter and spring split combined. Here the formation manages to put on a show, convincingly beating every team on its path and losing only an exhausting uphill battle against Mkers in the Grand Finals.


Andrea “Omega” Carducci, manager for the team, declared: “I’m extremely satisfied with the work done by the players and the staff. We drew a clear path and succeeded in it. What we witnessed in these months is a true symbol of growth and perserverance. I thank everybody that put their effort in this amazing journey, you always gave your best and results are just a consequence of it”

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