Reply Totem doesn’t stop: second win in a row at the Brawl Stars Monthly Finals

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Reply Totem doesn’t stop: second win in a row at the Brawl Stars Monthly Finalsr

Just a month ago winning the prestigious monthly tournament was still the Achille’s heel of the black-and-green team. Today, this recent two-peat brings the awareness of being a world-class team, capable of dominating their region and dreaming big.


Coach Inso and the boys conclude yet another sweep, beating once again a string of top European teams such as Tribe Gaming. The victory is not only important to remember the commitment of the boys and the impact of Joker’s arrival within the team, but also for what concerns the World Championship points race: this double consecutive victory allows Reply Totem to comfortably sit at the top of the EMEA leaderboard with only two other monthly finals remaining. The next crucial objectives will be the previously mentioned November World championship and the Snapdragon Challenge Finals LAN at the end of August.


The preparation on the part of the staff was fundamental to success, as they completed the mission of integrating Joker into the team as best as possible. The German boy was in fact, despite his crystalline talent, a challenge in terms of both management and team alchemy; introducing a foreign language player into an already ongoing season could have affected the quality of synergy and communications in the match, an aspect that was taken care of to perfection by the entire coaching staff.

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