Reply Totem get their eyes on the future: Peppe Ferraro is here!

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Reply Totem get their eyes on the future: Peppe Ferraro is here!r

Reply Totem manages to close on the signing for the new FIFA talent, reinforcing the identity of a team that doesn’t shy from investing on young players.


Peppe Ferraro, 15 years old, has been part of the game’s scene for 2 years now, standing out for his great results in both Weekend Leagues and unofficial tournaments. Making his first steps with FXF Academy, Peppe is now entirely focused on his competitive debut with the help of Reply Totem and the coach Vincenzo Cipolla, who’ll be promptly following him to make a champion out of this amazing rough diamond.


The date is now set to January, when Peppe will be celebrating his 16th birthday, obtaining the access to official EA competitions. His work ethic is already that of a veteran and the coach Vincenzo “Cippo” Cipolla has made his remark about it: “Peppe, despite being the youngest and last entry in the team, will probably be the most stimulating to work with. Thanks to Montaxer and Santill1 we’ll get the chance to shape a true pro; I’m extremely happy about the team and we got everything down to grow and do well together.”


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