Reply Totem is ready for one of the most important LANs of the year!

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Reply Totem is ready for one of the most important LANs of the year!r

With only 4 participating teams, the Brawl Stars team is ready for the BS Snapdragon Challenge Finals, a prestigious live tournament that will give a taste of what the 2022 World Cup will be like.


Scheduled for August 27 and 28, the Snapdragon live event will take place at Gamescom in Cologne, Germany. Inso, Maury, Maru, Joker and all the staff will arrive on the 25th to settle in and meet the fans, staying until the 29th, day of the flight back to Italy.
This event will see our superstars compete with Tribe Gaming, SK Gaming and the HMBLE team from Italy in a Group Stage where every team will be fighting against each other. The initial phase will be used to skim and select the best 3 teams, which will then proceed to play in a double elimination bracket, which will be divided between Winner and Loser Brackets based on the score obtained in the previous phase.


Reply Totem arrives at Gamescom in its best form, currently holding the top of the standings for championship points, fresh from two consecutive victories at the Monthly Finals of the Brawl Stars Championship and absolute rulers of the European continent. With the aim of reconfirming and winning this tournament, Coach Inso and the boys meticulously prepared gameplay and strategies to make a further qualitative leap ahead of the world championship, using this important opportunity to try them out on the pitch.

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