Reply Totem is ready to run with Fondazione Milan for the Milano Marathon

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Reply Totem is ready to run with Fondazione Milan for the Milano Marathonr

On the day of the Milan Marathon on April 7, 2024, Reply Totem joins forces with Fondazione Milan to involve gaming in one of the city’s most important sports events devoted to charity.


The purpose of the initiative is to support, through fundraising, children and young people of Sport for All, the Fondazione Milan program that promotes sports activities for people with disabilities.


Reply Totem will actively participate in the marathon both on-site and remotely: 4 creators will be running on the track, interacting with other participants while connected with those who will simultaneously participate in a gaming marathon on both e-Football and Rocket League.


This collaboration emphasizes the importance of synergy between gaming and sports, with Reply Totem joining Fondazione Milan to educate and engage both new and old generations on an important issue such as promoting integration and accessibility to sports for everybody.


Fabio Cucciari, CEO of Reply Totem, commented: “This union between Reply Totem and Fondazione Milan is a step forward in consolidating the ties between sports and the gaming world, proving that together we can have a positive impact on the community. At a time when solidarity and inclusion are more important than ever, this charitable initiative represents an example of how the esports world can be a protagonist, inspiring and leading change towards a better world.”


You can also donate to support the initiative at the following link:

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