Reply Totem lands in Paris for the event of the year: The Brawl Stars World Finals are looking for their new Kings!

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Reply Totem lands in Paris for the event of the year: The Brawl Stars World Finals are looking for their new Kings!r

From the 25th to the 27th of November, Disneyland Paris will be the prestigious stage welcoming the strongest teams of the international Brawl Stars scene. They will be ready to battle it out for an amazing trophy and a prize pool of $1,000,000.


Arriving in the French capital on November 22, the black-and-green team starring Coach Inso, Maru, Maury and Joker will be officially taking part in what is the most significant event for Brawl Stars, where all the efforts made during the year will be able to finally payoff with the deserved glory. The boys introduce themselves as the second seed of the EMEA region power ranking (Europe, Middle East and Africa), strong of their second part of the season accomplishments they stand out as one the most promising and convincing teams of the moment. Their goal and ambition will be to overcome the result (3rd-4th place ed.) of the last edition and cement themselves in the Brawl Stars Olympus.


The team led by Joker will immediately be the main actor of the tournament, playing the second match of the first day against Vatra Gaming, a Mexican esports organization. With them they will bring the experience of a competitive year studded with important goals such as victories at the July and August Monthly Finals, the Snapdragon Pro Series victory and all the preparatory bootcamps, which thanks to the sponsors, were able to ensure that live preparation was essential for each event. In order to make the players prepare and reach their peak form for this stellar event, Reply welcomed the team in the new HQ located inside the Gemini Towers in Milan, offering the opportunity to finalize their synergy and strategies for the weekend in Paris. Ferre and Sparx will also be traveling with them in the roles of official Supercell caster and invited creator. Their participation is a symbol of what Brawl Stars represents for Reply Totem, an organization that finds its roots in mobile competitive gaming.


Federico Morchio, Co-founder and manager of Reply Totem, declared: “Being able to participate in events like this is one of the great honors of being part of our Org. Reply Totem is one of the most important international teams for Brawl Stars and after the surprise of the last edition, we have both reconfirmed and improved both our squad and our level of gameplay. We arrive at the world championship aware of what we can do and our ambitions are clear. I am extremely proud to say that we have transformed these guys into real professionals. I expect a fantastic event and a location like Disneyland Paris combined with the total opening to the public, will only help in making it even better than the past edition. I would like to thank again Reply, Isostad, ASUS ROG and Sparco, crucial players in everything we do, their support has once again been essential in making this possible.”


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