Reply Totem returns from Dreamhack: an amazing experience!

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Reply Totem returns from Dreamhack: an amazing experience!r

Zara and the Brawl stars team conclude their Jönköping adventure at the legacy weekend of international gaming.


First multi-title event for the black-and-green team, continuing their partecipation streak to the most important live events of the summer. Zara had the opportunity to participate in the Fortnite Dreamhack Open LAN, where he got to compete for $ 200,000 evenly divided between Battle Royale and Zero Build modes. The tournament was split into 3 days of competition (18-20 June), going from qualifiers to finals. During these days, the Totem player was able to make a showing of his talent, qualifying for the finals of both modes, gaining both a slice of the prizepool, as well as the awareness of being able to compete among the greatest players of the Epic Games title.


At the same time, Coach Inso, analyst Oscar and the boys from the Brawl Stars team were participating in the Snapdragon Pro Series Finals, the largest third-party tournament ever organized for the Supercell game. Worthy of note was the presence of IDarkJoker, the newest member of the team at his first appearance in an international LAN context. The tournament, qualifier for the SnapDragon Pro Series Challenge Final, was completely swept by Maury, Maru and Joker without losing a single series, easily obtaining the coveted qualification. This live event was instrumental in reinforcing the idea and perception of the most recent roster change effectiveness.


Reply Totem says goodbye to Dreamhack for this year, increasing its international identity and aware of being capable of fearlessly confronting itself with the most renowned esports giants while still aspiring for more.

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