Reply Totem shines in the world: top 16 at the FIFAe Club World Cup

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Reply Totem shines in the world: top 16 at the FIFAe Club World Cupr

The adventure at the FIFAe Club World Cup in Copenhagen comes to an end with the awareness of being ready for the most important stages in the world.


With a crackling start, Santill1 and Montaxer manage also thanks to the guidance of coach Vincenzo Cipolla to finish first in their group with teams like Vitality inside. The first day begins with a dizzying score: 9 points, first place and 0 defeats; a result that earned the boys the victory even from public favorites such as TEAM OF THE DAY (official FIFA and Twitter). The “Cinderella story” does not end here, however, Reply Totem manages to continue the work begun in the minor division of online qualifiers with a DAY 2 even more spectacular than the first thanks to 4 wins and only 1 draw, further confirming the unbeaten and first place of the group. The level of competition, however, is very high and having reached the top 16 in the world, an unexpected drop in competitive tension caused Santill1 and Montaxer to stumble against the Heretics team, an excellent team from the Spanish region.


Despite the bittersweet ending, this type of tournament was a formidable experience for both the boys and the entire team staff. The Italian community has gathered to cheer two unique players, capable of representing us at amazing levels of play and who will soon be able to make good use of this experience to raise their expectations and their hunger for victory even more.


Federico Morchio, co-founder of Reply Totem, commented: “the FIFAe Club World Cup is a more unique than prestigious event, destined only for a few dozen professionals who have been able to stand out in a title played in every corner of the planet, here today I like to think that not only among those dozens, but among the top 16 we are also among the top 16, that we have never given up a match from the online qualifiers and that we have always shown that we deserve every victory. For me and for the guys, but also for the team, this is a very important result that puts Reply Totem on the map, but at the same time makes it clear that we will have even more fun next year! “

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