Reply Totems prevails over FUT Esports: it’s a triumph at the Brawl Stars Monthly Finals!

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Reply Totems prevails over FUT Esports: it’s a triumph at the Brawl Stars Monthly Finals!r

The first victory at the monthly finals finally arrives for the black-and-green team, marking their ability to perform in the most clutch period of the year. The team is now closer than ever to the Supercell world championship.


Stuck in an apparently dead-end limbo, the boys from Reply Totem finally manage to get to an event victory again after winning the Snapdragon World Cup in Tokyo. Just like last year, July is the lucky month that brings Joker, Maru and Maury back on top, setting them up for a series of very high intensity months.


The road starts from the initial days after the Japan trip, where Reply Totem found itself in a difficult spot regarding the new Snapdragon Pro Series series. Good performances which, however, did worry the black-and-greens in terms of regional ranking standings, a necessary component for qualifying for the Supercell World Championship. The July final, on the other hand, kicks off in a completely different way: it starts immediately in the Top 8 against the Zeta Division, the fearsome European formation of the Japanese team. Zeta proved themselves thanks to a World Championship in 2021 and 2022 as well as 3 victories in the monthly finals in this calendar year. The match ends with a score of 3-2 in favour of Totem, thus marking a “revenge win” from the previous June Monthly Finals. The journey continues and the following matches see the Reply Totem boys win again, first 3-1 against Team Hmble and then 3-2 against FUT in the final. Reply Totem is back again on top of Europe.


Very important points, the ones that were earned thanks to the victory of these Monthly Finals. Now the standings see Totem in second place, only behind Zeta Division.

Fabio Cucciari, CEO of Reply Totem, made a comment about it: “After a very strong emotion like that of the world championship, we just needed two months to double-up with another victory thanks to the boys from Brawl. Today’s win is vital for both team morale and the world championship race: we are in a good position in the European regional standings and we can’t wait to go there to play for what could be the second world title in a single year.”


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