Reply Totem’s warm-up is over, the new Rocket League roster is here!

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Reply Totem’s warm-up is over, the new Rocket League roster is here!r

The feeling was already in the air, the signing of GladiatorRL will not be the only Reply Totem project for the Rocket League world. The black-and-green org will in fact make its debut in the Italian competitive scene with a top-tier roster tailored for the best possible results.


Moved by a common passion for the racing world, Lindow (captain and three-time champion ed.), Ckks, Davoof and Cleverly will be forming the “Serie A” squad for the 6th edition of the Italian Rocket League Championship, scheduled to start on the 17th of September. The team immediately presents itself with a strong mindset aimed at winning; the goal is to show all their qualities from the start, perfectly aligning with what the organization has in mind and expects from them and for the game.


The team manager Francesco “Gaddix” Caroprese has been showing nothing but enthusiasm for the project: “I’m very proud of being part of Reply Totem and follow the RL team, all the people in the org have been showing symmetrical goals to mine and those of the players. We hope to get important results soon, we’ll show our value and what we can do”.


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