Sony flies to Japan with Reply Totem

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Sony flies to Japan with Reply Totemr

A new technical partnership is ready to be announced for Totem: the black-and-green team has signed an agreement with Sony. The Japanese tech giant will help Reply Totem in their journey at the Snapdragon Mobile Masters, following it up with further collaborations on future projects such as the Milan-based gaming house.


The main focus of the partnership will be the brand new ZV-E1, a newly released full-frame Vlog Camera that will favor content creation thanks to its world-class qualities. The partnership will help in documenting international trips and their peak moments in the best possible way, while still being able to enhance the events footage taking place inside the Headquarters.


Fabio Cucciari, CEO and co-founder of Reply Totem, spoke about this recent partnership: “Sony will be a very important technical partner for us on our trip to Japan. Sony has always stood out in the sector thanks to a wide range of excellence; we will be happy to put their new Vlog Camera ZV-E1 to work, a sensational product that will allow our content to take a further step in quality.”

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