Streamcoi and Reply Totem: the partnership extends to 2023

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Streamcoi and Reply Totem: the partnership extends to 2023r

Streamcoi, an innovative streamers management and monetisation platform, has been leaving its mark on the Esports industry since its founding in 2020 thanks to collaborations with teams like G2 Esports or Team Vitality. Throughout 2022 Reply Totem has established a close partnership with the polish-based platform in order to carry out and ease the realization of marketing campaigns that need streamers as their main asset. Some of the most important sponsors for Reply Totem such as ASUS ROG and Isostad had dedicated Streamcoi campaigns, which allowed for excellent communication of the product to the audience and precise data infographics for both the team and the brands to analyse.


Reply Totem is glad to announce that it will be replicating its 2022 collaboration, continuing the partnership with Streamcoi for the solar year 2023.


Fabio Cucciari, ceo and co-founder of Reply Totem, has recently stated: “Streamcoi is one of the most interesting and needed platforms for Esports organizations. We’ve studied their value through numerous case studies and decided to partner up with them for 2022 in order to offer impactful in-stream campaigns and detailed analytics to our sponsor brands. Now after a full year of benefiting from their service we are very happy to re-confirm the partnership for 2023, looking forward to effective and viewer-friendly campaigns.”


Jakub, Product Lead at Streamcoi, declared: “At Streamcoi we are very eager to expand into new regions and countries. Reply Totem was our first Italian customer and we’re incredibly excited that they will continue to automate streamer management and monetisation with our technology in 2023. It is great to see our customers delivering effective in-stream campaigns to their partners and sponsors through Streamcoi.”

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