The Azzurri call: Montaxer becomes part of eNazionale!

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The Azzurri call: Montaxer becomes part of eNazionale!r

Andrea “Montaxer” Montanini grabs the final qualification to be part of the six Azzurri of eNazionale bringing Reply Totem to the top of Italy.


Being part of eNazionale, the official esports team of the Italian Football Federation, is a dream for every player of the country. Starting with online qualifiers, Montaxer immediately managed to establish himself, earning the opportunity to play live in Coverciano to get a spot in the team. In fact, for the very first time, eNazionale has decided to increase the prestige of qualifications, allowing the boys to experience and breathe the same air as the national football team.


Having reached the final stage, Andrea did not disappoint expectations, reconfirming himself as one of the most crystalline talents in our country. The challenge with the LAN elite in Coverciano proved to be a success, earning him a place among the six Azzurri.


Now the focus is turned to international challenges, where Montaxer will be engaged in the playins for a chance to reach the world championship and represent Italy in the world. Come on Andrea, make us proud!

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