The first gaming event in southern Italy: Giffoni Good Games!

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The first gaming event in southern Italy: Giffoni Good Games!r

A few weeks after the renowned children’s film festival, Giffoni Valle Piana hosted the first successful edition of what aims to be the main southern Italy event dedicated to gaming: Giffoni Good Games.


Being a guests of the newborn event, Reply Totem immediately found itself as one of the most relevant teams around; in fact, two finals were played (IRC of Rocket League and Clash Royale University Master ed.) with black-and-green players participating, further proving the versatility that the team represents on national soil. Our creators’ presence was also important: worthy of note is Giulio “Gladiator” Pedicini, who in the role of ambassador of the Rocket League community in Italy, had the honor of shoutcasting the University Master final of the game. All the talents linked to the Supercell world were also there: Dc_System, Klais and Sparx had the opportunity to meet the fans and watch the Clash Royale matches together with the other big names in the mobile scene. A competitive atmosphere which also found space to focus on entertainment, getting the Giffoni Good Games to well integrate the community aspect within the event, a fundamental component for the organic success of the sector.
The event ends with two second-place finishes for the Totem boys, consolidating their position within the scenes of their respective games. The awareness of always being able to improve performance remains, which leaves an anticipation feeling for the upcoming preparatory events such as the Gaming House Bootcamps.


Federico Morchio, Co-founder of Reply Totem, commented: “We are always very happy to inaugurate new events that manage to involve the public and grow the Italian esport scene. It’s easy to think of national scenes such as the French or German one and it is clear that festivals such as the Giffoni Good Games are essential in getting us closer to those levels, getting this sector to grow in a natural way. For us at Reply Totem, we were the protagonists of this first edition, taking part in 2 live finals. This time we didn’t get to bring home the final victory, but two second places were nonetheless important in letting us know that we are on the right direction.”

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