The gaming days of Milan are approaching: Reply Totem is ready for MGW 2022!

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The gaming days of Milan are approaching: Reply Totem is ready for MGW 2022!r

From the 25th to the 27th of November, Reply Totem will take part in the Milan Games Week 2022 event thanks to a dedicated stand.


The Milan Games Week 2022 represents like every year, the most important event for both gaming and esports in Italy. Reply Totem is eager to repeat last year’s success, thanks to a stand full of surprises which will make fans experience the black-and-green world at 360 degrees! There will be two PC stations built in collaboration with ASUS ROG and a console station where fans will have the option of playing individually as well as challenging some of the players and content creators at Reply Totem. Furthermore, in collaboration with Italian Extreme Modders, a Fortnite-themed and an Apex Legends-themed configuration will be exhibited. Lovers of sporty driving won’t be left alone: fans will get the chance to experience and try out the fantastic new Sparco simulator, which catapults the player in a realistic racing world. Reply Game Studios will also be attending alongside Reply Totem with the mission of creating a videogame related entity under a single banner of the Reply group. The stand will therefore be a real gaming temple where fans will have the right space available to play on the platforms they prefer while still interacting with the content creators and pro-players they follow during the year.


The MGW22 will in fact be an opportunity for the fans to meet the numerous pro players and content creators of Reply Totem. Among both new and older faces of the org we’ll have names like Myke, Gladiator, Federicas and the newcomer Flokox. The big missing pieces are the Brawl Stars team, Ferre and Sparx, who will be engaged in the same days for the Brawl Stars world finals at Disneyland Paris. There will be numerous activities that will take place at the stand, including the Paris World Cup watching party to support the Brawl Stars team together with the Totem family. At the stand there will also be the opportunity to try the delicious Isostad bars to celebrate the launch of the new Pro Gaming Kit, designed together with the sports nutrition brand to push gaming performance at the maximum level.


As far as esports events are concerned, Reply Totem will take part in the live Playoffs of the Italian Rocket Championship, where the best 4 teams of the regular season will compete with goals and drifts to win the title of best Rocket League team in Italy. ShRP, Apex Legends pro player, will also be involved for the final of the ESL Italia Championship 2022.


A big thanks goes to our sponsors Reply, ASUS ROG, Isostad and Sparco; with their support we are able to better develop the organization of events of this magnitude, bringing quality and uniqueness in this rapidly growing world.

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