Top 4 at Worlds: Reply Totem shines with Brawl Stars

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 Top 4 at Worlds: Reply Totem shines with Brawl Starsr

The most important Brawl Stars tournament of the year comes to an end, with a total duration of 3 days and the live participation of 16 teams from all around the world, the event marks the year peak for the competitive side of the game.


Entering the tournament as the third EMEA seed, Reply Totem – with the full Italian roster of Maru, Maury, Soidebresa and Coach Inso – immediately imposed itself as one of the possible dark horses.


With the first day characterized by the surprising loss of SK Gaming (1st EMEA seed ed.), the forecasts on the European teams and Reply Totem started to get gloomy.


Having said that, despite unfavorable predictions, Inso and the boys managed to break the ice against the Chinese TIG team with a formidable 3-0 match, managing to show their skills against an unpredictable opponent used to a complete different meta.


The adventure continued at the Quarterfinals, securing a solid 3-1 score against STMN from the NA region, unfortunately ending in the subsequent round against the Japanese prodigies (and future champions) Zeta Division.

The team officially closes off the competition with a 3rd/4th place finish.

This fantastic performance, coupled with the pride of being the best European team at the tournament, guarantees to the Italian org a place among the “esport greats”, leaving us with a sour taste of not being able to conquer the much wanted million Euro prizepool, but at the same time the awareness and satisfaction of bringing Italy to the top of Europe once again this year.


Fabio Cucciari, CEO and Founder of Reply Totem, declared right after the games: “It was amazing, I’m speechless, I don’t even know where to start, we received an astounding support from everywhere and everyone, Italy was with us. This result shows what the Italian esport movement is capable of. It’s a collective work that confirms that we are moving in the right direction; all the efforts have paid off.
Thanks to our fans at home, to the Italian Embassy in Romania, a great thanks to Reply and Filippo Rizzante, who believed in us from the beginning together with all the other amazing sponsors. The biggest “thank you” goes to the Brawl Stars team, all the players and coaching staff worked their hardest to keep the dream alive, you are the best.”

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