Totem lands at the second edition of the Reply Xchange Festival!

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Totem lands at the second edition of the Reply Xchange Festival!r

The annual Reply event is back, where innovation and the future of the tech industry are put in the front lines for a weekend hosting hundreds of innovative sessions.


After the first participation in 2022, Reply Totem prominently comes back in the 2023 edition of the Reply Xchange. This year, the black-and-green team entered the scene thanks to an introduction by CTO Filippo Rizzante, who since the beginning of the Xchange, dwelled on the importance and on the results achieved by Reply Totem.
Reply Totem did in fact show up as Brawl Stars World Champions, a prestigious title that acts as a bridge and allows Reply to demonstrate strong support for the esport scene in front of hundreds of guests.


The Reply Xchange was structured into presentations, technological debates, live demos, round tables and stimulating tech zones that were able to fully represent the tech advancement spirit of the fair. Black-and-green creators and pro-players took part in the event thanks to our dedicated stand: the prodigies from Brawl Stars Maury and Maru, Santill1 of the FIFA team and finally Federicas to represent the influencer network division. It is also important to mention the presence of an exceptional display case, where it was possible to exhibit trophies won by the team such as the Brawl Stars Snapdragon Mobile Masters.


Fabio Cucciari, CEO and Co-Founder of Reply Totem, commented: “This is the second consecutive year for us at Reply Xchange, an annual event capable of gathering IT experts, fans of the Tech industry and great creative minds for a weekend where you can really breathe the future. We were welcomed like real stars, an immense honor for us, who have been part of the Reply network for only 3 years. Filippo (Rizzante ed.) wanted to thank and congratulate Reply Totem for its recent results during the opening ceremony, highlighting the solidity of our relationship which continues to be enormously successful.”

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