Reply Totem is ready for FIFA 22: here is the new roster!

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Reply Totem is ready for FIFA 22: here is the new roster!r

Reply Totem will be taking the field with a new duo that aims to combine experience and raw talent. The goal? Getting those results!


The first two players that will be making the team are Andrea “Montaxer” Montanini and Antonio “Santill1” Santillo. Both players come to the team with great expectations: the new green-black stars have in fact to their name a series of extremely respectable achievements such as the final stage of Enazionale and Global Series European Playoffs, as well as consistent top results on FGS qualifiers.


The two new talents will be working from day one to not only replicate their EU Top 35 from last season, but also maximize tournament results from competitions like eChampionsleague, Enazionale, 2vs2 and EU Playoffs. Reply Totem will be welcoming them as a stage where they can show their growth and evolution, being an organization ready to make that extra step in order to guarantee top performances. Important to note that for Santill1 this will be his chance to expand his streaming presence even further, since it is already at a great point thanks to the recent partnership obtained with


With extreme satisfaction, the coach Vincenzo “Cippo” Cipolla declared: “I’m very happy for both Montaxer and Santill1, but especially confident with the work that we’ll be doing together and the results that’ll come. We are proud to have a complete team with every attribute to grow and do well.”


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