The adventure is taking off: Reply Totem is ready for Bucharest World Finals!

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The adventure is taking off: Reply Totem is ready for Bucharest World Finals!r

The Brawl Stars team made by Maurizio “Maury” Tunno, Marwane “Maru” Lahrace and Andrea “SoiDeBresa” Belluati, with the guidance of Coach Umberto “Inso” Santarello, the analyst Sergio “Canru” Cantalapiedra and the manager Alejandro “Alez” Correas Ciruelo, successfully ended the last round of Monthly Finale, securing the partecipation to the Brawl Stars Championship 2021 finals.


Despite a rough start, influenced by two subpar initial qualifiers, the team finds its form, slowly reaching a top tier team consistency. From that point on, the team manages to reach every single Monthly Finals, effectively making Reply Totem a squad of absolute skill and value, title earned both with the streak of successes and the win against their Achilles’ heel, SK gaming.


In order to repeat the great summer experience centred on improving the team’s synergy and teamwork, Reply Totem decides to organize another live bootcamp fully dedicated to playing the last qualifier of the year as a real team.
The standings before the event were very clear: with both SK and Qlash already qualified, the fight for the three remaining spots at the Bucharest finals would be disputed between Tribe Gaming, Bunker, Reply Totem and XO. The start of the qualifier proves to be problematic, but despite having to play a Tiebreaker, the team reacts as true champions, turning a heavy pressure situation into a second place at the Monthly Finals and EMEA third seed qualification.


Umberto “Inso” Santarello, immediately after the match, said: “Getting to this stage and earning a spot in the world finals was everything for us, a year worth of work and sacrifices is now paying dividends. Let’s go to Bucharest guys!”.


Fabio Cucciari, CEO of Reply Totem, also managed to express his excitement: “The hard work we put in proved to be worth it, we couldn’t be happier about it. A team like Totem, born in an unfortunate situation like the COVID19 lockdown, can be proud of taking part in the second world final in a single year, following the Apex Legends one”

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