The Fortnite team gets bigger: Zara is ready to win the hearts of Reply Totem fans!

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The Fortnite team gets bigger: Zara is ready to win the hearts of Reply Totem fans!r

Starting in September, Joele “Zara” Zaramella will be officially part of the Fortnite roster for Reply Totem, rounding up an already solid lineup composed by CrimiKevin and Zid.


Despite having already reached important successes in the past, Zara has been recently exceeding his usual levels, getting to the top of the Italian ladders and holding on to an amazing 4th place in the Power Rankings. Despite that, Zara is not limited to national fame: the true nature of his potential is in fact coming out thanks to larger EU Tournaments, where facing the best of the best from the continent has been an additional proving ground to his skills, as he manages to earn Top Cuts consistently.
With his eyes set on the “Heats”, the end-of-season semifinals for the Fortnite Championship Series, the goal for him is to reach the ambitious Top 6. This kind of result would grant him the access to the Grand Finals, as well as a deserved portion of the renowned prize pool. Reaching the final step of this tournament has always been one of the greatest possible achievements in Fortnite, making it the dream of every Italian player due to its prestige and exclusivity.


Zara is happy and ready to start his new adventure with the team, bringing his skills and social media presence (ed. 54k followers on Instagram) to the Totem family. Victor “Noix93” Scalera, manager for the Fortnite section, has been showing his enthusiasm: “Zara will surely be an important steppingstone for Reply Totem, as he is a player with a complete skillset and experience. He’ll allow us to easily get to the top European competitions. We are not stopping here though, as we are sure to soon make other important steps that will push the team even further up the rankings for the game.”


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